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Sunset Over Cardboard Mountains

Lisa Stewart, Rachel Feery & Ed Gould

Hybrid Performance Project
40 minutes

Sunset Over Cardboard Mountains is a hybrid performance work set in an evolving environment tailor-made for adventure and experience. 12 audience members at a time are invited into a strange new world that exploits the senses and invigorates the imagination. Live music, handmade sets, video projection, shadow play, lighting and lo-fi effects are combined to transform the space throughout the performance. 
Seated in their own converted cardboard boxes, audience members are allowed to drift through varied states as these changes take place around them. Sunsets offers a diverse physical and mental journey, from a roaring storm in a shrinking tent, to a vibrant train ride, to a sublime flight through the clouds.

A collaboration between composer Ed Gould, and visual artists Lisa Stewart & Rachel Feery, Sunset Over Cardboard Mountains was first developed as part of the 2009 Next Wave Kickstart Program. The work later debuted at Studio 246 in Brunswick as part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival, No Risk Too Great in May.

During 2010 Sunsets had the mentorship of the Aphids, with Dramaturgical assistance from Margaret Cameron. Sunsets was re-shown as part of Edinburgh Garden's The Village Festival, in Fitzroy, November 2010. Each performance features live music performed by the collective, A Wandering Mind.

Commissioned and developed by Next Wave through Kickstart 2009 with additional support from Arts Victoria.