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Recipes for Transmutation: A Meditation in 3 Parts - Live Edition

Lisa Stewart (sound support: Florence Freitag)
Performance for the Listening Bienalle, Errant Sound Studios, Berlin, Germany
15 July 2023

Recipes for Transmutation is a folding narrative sound piece that stretches limbs between metaphysical and earthly concerns, returning to oral storytelling and embodied ways of transmitting understanding.
The piece travels between varying dimensional planes and states of being - from deep sea embryology through to financial advice from a small cat and past lives as a harp. As well as contemplations on the limitations of the embedded programs of language vs. uncodifed resonant sounds.

RiFT was originally created in 2020/2021 as a sound piece for radio and was reimagined as a live performance in 2023 for the Listening Bienalle.